A Spiritual Approach To Coaching....

Coaching sessions with Jenn tap into your past and present traumas and life experiences that have energetically created roadblocks preventing you from becoming your best authentic self.   Each session creates more ease and enlightenment and allows you to reach the next level of your personal growth and development  journey.

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How Does A Spiritual Coach Benefit You?

There are many reasons why someone would choose to work with a Spiritual Life Coach, Here are just a few of Jenn's specialties.....

Mental Health

Life gets hectic and it is so easy to neglect your mental health as you juggle all the demands that life throws at you. Having a spiritual coach will not only help you heal past trauma, but will also improve your overall mental health, as you journey through everyday challenges.

Money Struggles

From an energetic standpoint, money follows joy. The more joy you create in your life, the higher your vibrational frequency, and the higher your frequency, the more in alignment you are to receive money!


Relationships can be tough, and if you know Jenn's story at all, you know she learned the hard way about how to create a solid foundation for her marriage. Jenn can help tear down the walls you have built that are blocking you from receiving love, and help improve the communication to create a stronger relationship with your partner.

Overall Happiness

Joy has a ripple effect. The happier you are, the happier everyone around you becomes; almost as if by magic. Working with Jenn will create the confidence within you to walk through life's challenges with grace and poise knowing you have what it takes to succeed NO MATTER WHAT!

"I have had multiple "Soul Healing" Sessions with Jenn and each session has dramatically changed my life for the better.  For years I struggled with anxiety, lack of confidence and overall mind-numbing, debilitating thoughts of not being good enough.  Each soul book session I have had with Jenn was like breaking down a wall that then allowed me to move forward, evolve and grow in my personal life, my marriage and even my career.  

- Kelly G

Hi, I'm Jenn!

I am a Certified Empowerment Coach, Soul Book Healer, Reiki Master, EFT and Bars Practitioner, Reflexologist, and Radio Show Host.

I started my spiritual journey in 2012. Everyone was predicting the world was going to end based on the Mayan calendar, and I was secretly hoping it would.

I had spent a lot of my life struggling with self worth and hiding behind a smile all while feeling like I was moments away from falling apart. I was able to keep it together just enough to go to work everyday and hide behind my mask of pleasantry, but the truth was, I was dying on the inside.

Throughout my own empowerment journey, I realized that there are SO MANY women walking the same path I was on. Far too many are hiding behind a smile, while secretly suffering in silence, trying to keep it all together while feeling like they’re falling apart, and afraid of sharing their feelings in fear of being judged or not understood.

I have made it my mission to remind those women that they are not alone. My goal is to provide them with hope and comfort that change IS possible. I want to share the tools I’ve learned along my journey, the very tools I use every day that have created immeasurable joy in my life and released the heaviness in my heart.

I know what it's like to feel hopeless and alone. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. Change IS possible, you just have to choose it!

Monthly Package Includes;

~ 2x Private 1-1 Soul Healing Sessions per Month (Each session is 60 min)

~ Weekly Angel Card Readings

~ Access to my meditation library

~ Access to my personal "Voxer" profile for unlimited talk and text support whenever needed.

~ Priority Scheduling (Don't be afraid if my calendar doesn't have a time slot that works with your schedule, just send me an email and I can work with your availability!)

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